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Redwood Park Garden

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The owners had neglected their back garden for some time, knowing that they wanted a complete re-design, incorporating a pool, a changing shed, a timber deck, and a new landscaped outside space adjacent their existing outdoor entertaining area. The block was on a slope and contained different levels. Dry-stone walling and steps were chosen to lead up to the pool and timber deck area.  The owners wanted colour, year-round interest and bird-attracting plants. The plants selected were a compatible mix of exotic and native, all water-wise. A water feature visible from the lower entertaining area consisted of three pots with water falling from rustic taps above. A leaf...

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Please note that Henrietta will be away on holiday from 5th September 2017 to 28th September 2017

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Kensington Gardens Landscape Design

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The owners of a large house in Kensington Gardens wanted to create a pleasant and usable space in their generous and private front garden. They did not use the space at all, other than to open the front door to visitors. Efforts over the years to improve the space had been piece-meal and only partially successful. However, there was a large and beautifully shaped old apple tree, which was definitely worth saving. The ultimate design of the new garden took into account the wide frontage of the old house and its ‘country-like’ feel. A wide expanse of lawn and dry-stone retaining walls, using stone from Carey Gully, were used to create a sense of space and...

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BAMBOO   Many people are turning to bamboo in their garden, both for aesthetic reasons and often to screen out neighbours. Bamboo provides a green, lush tropical appearance to gardens. The advantages of bamboo are that they are fast-growing, capable of hiding tall structures quickly and occupy relatively narrow spaces. However, care needs to be taken when choosing bamboo. There are many different kinds with greatly varying habits and growth patterns. The most important thing to remember is to select a clumping bamboo rather than a running bamboo. All bamboo grows from rhizomes (underground stems). Running bamboo sends out long rhizomes far and wide, each rhizome...

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Just as garden beds exposed to full sun can present a challenge in terms of selecting suitable plants, designing a garden in shade or semi-shade, particularly under big trees, can also be difficult in the hot, dry conditions present in many Adelaide gardens. Fortunately, there are a number of plants that not only grow well in such conditions, but look spectacular, both in terms of foliage, colour and texture. Groundcover plants • Geranium macrorrhizum (Big root geranium) • Kennedia prostrata (This one needs plenty of space to spread) • Plectranthus argentatus • Succulents. Many succulents, such as Echeveria glauca, Echeveria elegans and Kalanchoe pumila to name...

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