Stage 1: The Initial Garden Consultation and Follow-up

Henrietta will visit you and your garden to discuss your requirements and ideas in order to prepare a design brief.  In the process, she will provide you with some general design ideas and planting advice.

After the initial consultation, you will be sent a report summarizing the discussion and ideas. You will also be provided with an explanation of the different stages in both the design process and the construction of the garden, together with a fee estimate (based on an hourly rate).

The initial garden consultation and follow-up report will cost $135 (including GST). Any subsequent work will be on an hourly rate which will be detailed in the fee estimate.


Stage 2: Garden Design Survey and Analysis

Using the information provided in the initial consultation, Henrietta will measure your garden in order to produce a scale plan. This is essential in order to produce an accurate and workable design plan that can be constructed by a landscape contractor. The scale plan will include an outline of the house, property boundaries, any important trees, shrubs or other items of interest and, if needed, levels.

Henrietta will also conduct a site survey, noting important features such as orientation, climate, soil type, views, neighbouring buildings and trees. She will make a list of any existing items in your garden, noting what features you would like to retain and incorporate into the new design.


Stage 3: Garden Concept Plan

On the basis of the information gathered from the initial consultation, the scale plan, the site analysis and any other communications with you, Henrietta will design a concept plan for your garden. She will present this plan to you for discussion and approval, before proceeding to the next stage.


Stage 4: Planting Plan

While the concept plan will show key plants and structural planting, at this stage all the remaining plants will be itemized and their exact position located on a planting plan. Quantities of each plant will also be determined.

Henrietta has extensive plant knowledge which extends to exotic, native, and unusual plants, together with the growing of fruit trees and setting up of vegetable gardens. When deciding on plants, your wishes are, of course, the most important consideration. Other factors that are important in their own right, and in combination, are colour, texture, form, seasonality and scent. Suitability to soil type, water requirements and shade are also important considerations. Plants are selected for their water-wise and drought tolerant capacities.

You will be provided with information and pictures of plants, for your reference.


Stage 5: Detailed Garden Layout Plan

At this stage, the details of the concept plan are filled in. The detailed garden layout plan will specify exactly how the new garden is to be laid out and constructed. This provides landscape contractors with detailed information in relation to both soft and hard landscaping requirements, so that accurate quotes can be obtained for the construction of the garden. Details include information in relation to soil improvement, irrigation, mulch, lighting, water features, paving, retaining walls, decks, pergolas and other structures.

Henrietta can provide a list of recommended contractors who have proven to be reliable and who have produced work of high quality for clients in the past. Alternatively, the detailed layout plan can be provided to a landscape contractor of your choice for quoting. If you would like to undertake the work yourself, this is also an option.


Stage 6: Garden Construction

Henrietta will liaise with the landscape contractor, on your behalf, during construction of the garden. This involves being available to you if you have any queries, helping you and/or the landscaper resolve any problems, should they arise, and being available for site visits during construction.

Henrietta will also supply all the plants, purchased from wholesale nurseries, and ensure they are available for planting by the landscape contractor according to the schedule.


Maintenance Schedule

Often clients are unsure exactly what needs to be done to maintain a new garden, both in the short and long term. Henrietta can supply a garden maintenance schedule, setting out what needs to be done on a monthly basis, in order to simplify maintenance and ensure your garden continues to look its best.