Wattle Park garden

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The modern town-house, on a corner block, had been constructed several years before the present owner and her family moved in. Very little attention had ever been given to the outside living spaces, the main part of which was in full sun. Views from the kitchen and casual lounge area consisted of a concrete retaining wall, beyond which was a high and unattractive fence.


The owner works full-time and did not want to spend hours in the garden. However, she wanted a garden that would soften the harsh lines, provide an attractive outlook from inside and, in addition, create an suitable setting for entertaining.



Plants were selected for their texture, colour and foliage and, of course, their drought-tolerance and low water use. A combination of exotic and native plants was used, chosen on the basis of their similar soil and water requirements.


Fences were screened by the planting of hardy hedge species and the unattractive retaining walls were planted with flowering ground-cover plants that cascade over the edge. Fruit trees, requested by the owner, were incorporated into the design, and surrounded by a rosemary hedge.





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